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I woke up one day and realised that I was the only one in my social group who wasn’t married with kids. I knew that I needed somewhere to escape to that didn’t make me feel like the odd one out. Thank God I came across Social Circle. You guys are life savers!
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise

Singles in Manchester

If you have tried singles nights in Manchester but didn't find that it fulfilled your needs, don't worry: the problem isn't you. The fact is that those nights can be too forced. Often, the best relationships are formed between people who already know one another. And when you meet people in a natural setting, as opposed to a speed dating night where you have five minutes to make a snap judgement, sparks can fly naturally.

Social Circle isn't a dating group but then why have we seen seven marriages between our members? It's likely because of the very reason I mentioned: meeting people in a natural setting develops friendships, which can lead to a wonderful relationship.

A singles night in Manchester can be pressurised and intimidating, whereas Social Circle is about having fun and making new friends.

We have up to 100 events per month on our events calendar; feel free to take a good look and see for yourself. You are sure to find something to suit, and more importantly, meet meet like-minded people looking to have fun.

Manchester Singles

Manchester Singles

Whether it's going on a walking tour, visiting a local museum, socialising in a bar or a restaurant, or something more active such as badminton and tennis, you won't be stuck for things to do in Manchester again.

Manchester singles are looking for activities to make their life more exciting and varied, and luckily for you, Manchester is a city that provides a wealth of entertainment.

There are plenty of options for Manchester singles. Salsa is a popular activity with no partner needed and a great way to meet new people. The fine theatres, the Opera House, Palace Theatre, and Lowry Centre, provide some wonderful evenings of top quality entertainment throughout the year.

With Social Circle, Manchester singles can take advantage of the city's many fine bars and restaurants to mingle and enjoy countless nights of wining and dining.

Singles in Manchester can also enjoy some of the city's fine attractions, whether it be Saturday shopping at The Trafford Centre or a Sunday afternoon visiting Manchester Art Gallery.

If you have tried a Manchester singles night, or even online dating, you will likely have found that it is a far harder and, at times, a more uncomfortable experience, than you may have imagined. The fact is that we live in an age where 'natural' is the order of the day. Social media has made online conversations more accessible and natural, and at Social Circle, we aim to capture that same spirit: people meeting people in a natural setting.

The first thing to do is come along to a taster event and see for yourself. Fill in your details on this page and take it from there.

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