Isn’t it time you upgraded your social life?

Meet new people, have fun and expand your social circle


Social Circle


What is Social Circle?

Isn't it time you upgraded your social life?
  • Want to make new friends but don’t know how?
  • Are you envious of other people’s active social lives?
  • Would you like more adventure in your life?
  • Have you felt isolated during lockdown?

There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.

How do we work? It’s simple:
  • We organize an enviable events calendar for you to choose from
  • You select the activities that you like – from Fellini to Fettuccine
  • When you arrive you’ll meet like-minded people who also want to grow their social circle and inject some fun into their lives
  • It’s members only so it’s safe, and that also means most of the events are free once you’ve joined

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A quick video about Social Circle

Is Social Circle for you?

Our members

Social Circle members come from all walks of life, but they all have something in common: they want to meet new people and upgrade their social life. They are also a really friendly and diverse bunch, and are eager to meet you!

Most are professionals who live and work in Manchester. Some join because they are new to the city, others have recently separated and some have become lonely and isolated now that they work from home.

Our members range from their early 30s to late 50s, with the average age being 42. Most are single, working professionals and live within a 8 mile radius of the city.

Get to know some of our members

Why you should join Social Circle?

All members benefit from friendship, community and adventure.

And let's not underestimate how important these are now. We all know what damage loneliness can cause and so many of us have felt isolated during lockdown. The benefits of social activities and new friendships on your mental health, physical wellbeing and all-round joie de vivre are huge. Something to look forward to can get us through tough weeks at work, and being greeted by smiling faces can boost your confidence and spirits.

Once you join

Joining is simple and signing up to events is effortless.

Social Circle produces an events calendar filled with evening activities, and daytime trips. It's easy to book online and you'll get handy event reminder emails and text messages confirming the details.

All of our events are run by a professional Social Circle host who will ensure you're welcomed, well looked after and all events are safe. Our team know Manchester like the back of our hands. We know about the latest exhibitions and openings so members get treated to an insider's guide to the best of the city.

The events calendar is brimming with activities that can be done whilst social distancing to suit all tastes. Whether you want adventure, culinary treats or culture Social Circle has you covered. We host wine tasting events to sort your Sauvignon from your Sancerre, fitness classes to get your fitbit on fire, leisurely walks around Lyme Park and tennis for those with an ace up their sleeve

And the best bit about Social Circle's events calendar? Most of the activities are free. Once you become a member you make big savings on many nights out thanks to the discounts we negotiate.

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We take health and safety seriously

Your health and safety is top of our agenda

We have had to evolve and adapt following COVID-19, and our top priority is now keeping our members safe. Our events calendar is now populated with an increased number of outdoor activities that enable social distancing, so you can feel safe. We're also partnering with venues that we know have robust risk assessments and safety procedures for all guests.

Covid safety at Social Circle