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Looking to get fit with new friends in Manchester and Cheshire?

If you enjoy fitness as much as you do socialising, you will love Social Circle as you really can benefit from the very best of both worlds. If you love sports, we have badminton, squash, and football available for you to get involved in. It's not only a great way to meet new people but to get the blood pumping and the heart racing, not to mention some competitive spirit. Don't worry, though, it's just for fun so you won't need to prove your eligibility for the Olympics when playing sports with Social Circle.


What fitness classes can you do?

If you enjoy getting fit, we have a variety of Manchester fitness classes to join in such as zumba and kettlercise. For those of you who prefer your fitness more on the mellow side, yoga and meditation also feature on the cfree events calendar. You'll be joining in professionally-run classes and learning how to get fit while having fun at the same time


How can I start to get fit with Social Circle?

Let's face it, when you're socialising, it leads to drink and meals out. Fitness classes and activities are the perfect remedies. So take a look at the upcoming classes below and book on which ones that are both convenient to you and grab your interest. Then simply turn up on the day and let your instructor take care of the rest.


So how does it work?

We know it’s a little unusual to turn up at an event knowing no one, so we don’t expect you to. Instead, we introduce you to the founders and then to the event host, who will make sure you’re feeling excited and not too nervous.

Whether it’s that you're looking for more things to do in Manchester or it's a lifelong ambition you're dying to fulfil, our Manchester activities have got you covered! Try us for Free.

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social circle testimonial from David

New Friends In Manchester

The friends I've known for years have always been up for a night out on the town on a weekend but when it came to anything more active, I had no-one in my group of friends to join me. Since I joined Social Circle, I've enjoyed numerous activities and as most of my friends had moved away, it was great to meet some new friends in Manchester in the process.

social circle testimonial from Sam

Sports Day! What a fun day!

“I attended the last Social Circle sports day and wow, what fun it was. It was a great mixture of sports, some I would have expected, like rounders, and others not so much, but definitely fun! We had a great time just messing around with snacks and drinks and it was one of the most fun Social Circle events I've been too.”

social circle testimonial from fitness_3

Yoga With Social Circle Membership

I had never tried yoga before but as it was already included with Social Circle membership and I didn't have to join a gym just to give it a try, I though why not?. It was hard work at first but I always feel amazing after the class. I've made some wonderful friends through the classes, too. And it's amazing how relaxed I feel after the class.

social circle testimonial from fitness_1

Goodbye To Gym Membership

Fitness has always been important to me and with already paying a monthly fee to my local health club, I wasn't sure that I could afford Social Circle as well. But when I saw that Social Circle membership included fitness classes, that made my decision easier. I now enjoy attending both social events and fitness classes with Social Circle and have said goodbye to my gym membership.


Types Of Event

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes
Fitness classes are in vogue, with new trends coming out all of the time.

We continually offer more of these kind of events so that you can choose how you want to get fit. With workouts including zumba and kettlercise, there is no shortage of variety among out fitness classes.


Our members enjoy racquet sports, and as such, badminton and squash make regular appearances on the calendar.

Tennis is also a popular event in the Summer. For the guys, we offer 5-a-side football a few times each month.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation
For the more mellow-minded of our members, we offer classes in both yoga and meditation.

Yoga is a great way to improve fitness while meditation offers a chance to get in touch with your spiritual side.

Upcoming Events

Hadfield Peak District Walk

25/10/2020 10am to 2.30pm
Longdendale Trail, Platt Street, Hadfield, SK13 1DW
Save £20. Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, become healthier and beat stress. But it can be boring walking the same routes on your own. Hadfield Peak District Walk

Social Tennis

26/10/2020 5pm to 6pm
Fog Lane Park, 139 Fog Lane, Manchester M20 6SF
If you are like us and feel inspired to do a bit more exercise then dust off your tennis equipment and join us for our new weekly tennis. Social Tennis

Fletcher Moss & Mersey Walk

30/10/2020 12pm to 2pm
The Didsbury Bar, 852 Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2SG
SAVE £10 Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, become healthier and beat stress. But it can be boring walking the same routes on your own. Fletcher Moss & Mersey Walk

River Mersey Circular Walk

31/10/2020 11am to 1pm
Parrs Wood Cinema Complex, M20 5PG
SAVE £10 Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, become healthier and beat stress. But it can be boring walking the same routes on your own. River Mersey Circular Walk

Easy Cycle Ride

31/10/2020 1pm to 4pm
Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, M20 5PG
Do you find yourself skipping the gym once too often? Do you want to meet new people whilst you get fit doing something totally fun? Easy Cycle Ride