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Many of you may enjoy a day out of Manchester every once in a while. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get out there and explore countryside or what other cities have to offer. We have regular walking days to such areas as the Lakes or the Peaks District, where you can get some air into your lungs while taking a stroll with some new friends. If you're more culturally inclined, you may wish to join us on our days out at cities such as Chester or York. We are always open to suggestions from our members on any days out they would like us to consider.

Day Out
social circle testimonial from Peter

Peak District

Organising a night out with your mates can be hard enough at the best of times, never mind an entire day. The fact that that is taken out of your hands is what I like most about Social Circle. I saw a walking day to the Peak District, booked my place and that was all of the organising I had to do. Thanks for arranging, Social Circle.

social circle testimonial from Sophie

Trip To York

I hadn't been on a proper day out in years and had forgotten how much fun it can be. I booked on to a trip to York, which was fantastic. We were having a great time from the moment we met at the train station up until the moment we came back. I definitely plan on attending more days out and can't wait for the next one.

social circle testimonial from Tony

Alton Towers With Social Circle

I didn't see myself going to Alton Towers at my age but I got talked into going and I'm so glad I did. There may have been a ride or two I ducked out of but I had so much fun on what I did go, the rapids especially, and have become very good friends with some of the others who came along. What a great event.


Types Of Event


For our walking days, we usually meet at Parrs Wood, where we car share, so there's no problem for any of you who don't drive. From there, we go to one of many walking destinations in the Peak District and the Lakes, among others.

Cultural days

There are some wonderful cities lying not far from this one, offering numerous cultural and historic sites. It's interesting to see the cultural differences that lie between Manchester and such cities as York and Chester.

Fun days

Of course, fun is essentially what Social Circle is all about, and is when lifelong friendships are formed. With days like Alton Towers on the calendar, you definitely have the opportunity to embrace your fun side.

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Upcoming Events

Half Price at Alton Towers

15/09/2018 , 9am
Meet in the car park at Tesco, East Didsbury, M20 5PG where we will car share and make our way to Alton Towers.
Enter X-Sector for Oblivion and Submission. Explore Forbidden Valley for Nemesis, Air and Ripsaw or stop off for the unforgettable speed of Rita!

Manchester Ship Canal Cruise

30/09/2018 , 9.45am
Salford Quays, gate 2.
Come aboard and meet some like-minded people on a six hour trip thats as awe inspiring as it is relaxing.