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There are certain things I've always been meaning to give a try but always found an excuse not to. Then Social Circle encouraged me to give photography a try and I thoroughwort enjoyed it. I can't wait until the next one, and, in the meantime, I can't put down my camera. :)

Would you like to learn a new skill?

We have a range of Manhester skills on offer to cater to either your existing hobbies or your interest in learning a new one. Classes we've held in the past include languages, photography, and SEO. We plan on running each of these classes again, as well as a range of brand new ones. As we're a Manchester social group, we're not going to give you an exam at the end of the event, so don't worry about not being a professional on the first go; especially when you consider that some of our skills include wine tasting and cocktail making. It's just a great way to expand your social network and to build your skill base.


What a great way to meet likeminded people!

When you'e learning something like a new language, you're be among those with the exact same interest, so instantly you'll have something to talk about. That's a great way to break the ice. Also, don't forget that everyone you meet on each of the events is there on the exact same basis as you are: to make new friends in Manchester and to improve their social options.


Where you can find out what skills you can learn?

Well, we have our upcoming skill-based events below so feel free to browse. Once you've chosen which event to attend and have booked your place, you can leave the rest up to us. We'll text you on the day to let you know exactly where we'll be at the event and will greet you upon arrival and get you involved in learning you new skill right away.


So how does it work?

We know it’s a little unusual to turn up at an event knowing no one, so we don’t expect you to. Instead, we introduce you to the founders and then to the event host, who will to make sure you’re feeling excited and not too nervous.

Whether it’s that you're looking for more things to do in Manchester or its a lifelong ambition you're dying to fulfil, our Manchester activities have got you covered! Try us for Free.

Learn New Skills
social circle testimonial from Tony

Photography Class With Social Circle

I always enjoyed taking photos with my phone (and I don't just mean selfies, ha) and was interested in how to take higher quality photographs. So the opportunity to take the photography class with Social Circle was too good to pass up. I learned a lot at the class and now enjoy taking photos with my phone even more.

social circle testimonial from Paul

Business Training Course - Social Circle

As a business owner, it was great to see an event which could benefit my learning, and the best thing about it was that it was included in the price. I would expect to pay hundreds of pounds for this kind or training elsewhere. Social Circle, you exceeded my expectations once more. The value is just incredible.

social circle testimonial from Rachael

I Learned A Lot About Wine Tasting

I never knew I could learn so much at a wine tasting night. I always thought they were purely drinking nights in disguise. And while the emphasis of the event was on socialising (I met some great people on the night), I learned a lot about wine tasting and managed to impress my friends that weekend when entertaining for dinner.


Types Of Event


We learned some useful techniques such as how to properly take street photographs, allowing us to capture the heart of the scene. Learning techniques such as perspectives and mirroring, members walked in with a phone and left with a powerful camera in their hands.


For freelancers and business owners, this was a great opportunity to attend a workshop where they could learn how to generate traffic to their website and increase sales conversion. Members learned a 5-step plan that they could implement time and time again.

Wine Tasting

Our wine tasting nights, as you might expect, have a social edge. But the challenge laid down by our wine expert made for a great way for members to get to know their teammates; while enjoying some fine wine in the process, of course.

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Upcoming Events

True Dating Stories

22/11/2018 , 7pm
Fuel Cafe Bar, 448 Wilmslow Road, M20 3BW Manchester
Story Party is the live storytelling show about the one topic we all struggle with DATING.

Whisky Tasting

24/11/2018 , 7.30pm
Social Circle, 28 Cloister Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport SK4 3AE (next to East Didsbury tram station)
Tonight we will be educating ourselves in the love of Whisky, a fun evening pairing foods with whisky, there will even be a quiz.