A night at the theatre can be an occasion to behold. And it's certainly intended to be an experience to share. Whether you enjoy serious drama, such as Shakespeare, or a musical such as Mamma Mia, there are new friends here at Social Circle here for you to match your tastes and interests. It's a great way to meet people with mutual interests, whether that be culture, comedy, or any other genre you can think of. There will be a chance to get to know each other over a drink during the interval, and at many more Social Circle events.
social circle testimonial from Tony

Beauty and the Beast

I saw Beauty and the Beast at the Palace Theatre with Social Circle and my God, it was amazing. The visuals were stunning and when they played the song, I have to admit to getting a bit emotional. The others may have been laughing at me but, having said that, we all got along famously after the show. :) I'm definitely looking forward to more nights like this.

social circle testimonial from Heather

Annie Get Your Gun

I saw Annie Get Your Gun with Social Circe, admittedly as I used to be a big Neighbours fan, so I largely went for nostalgia's sake. But I wasn't expecting to enjoy the show itself as much as I did. In fact, we all enjoyed it. We took in a drink after the show and promised to meet up at future events, which we did. I've become close friends with two of them, which can't be bad.

social circle testimonial from Emma

Theatre Trip

I went to see The Witches of Eastwick with Marti Pellow and had a blast. I'm a huge fan of the movie and wasn't sure what to expect but the cast put on a great show and it was just hilarious. I enjoyed a drink during the break where I got to chat properly with the other guys from Social Circle and I can't wait to see them out and about again.


Types Of Event


Indoor theatre

We are lucky to have some fantastic theatres right here in Manchester, with the Palace Theatre and Opera House leading the way. There are also some fantastic shows frequently featuring in the lineup for the Lowry and other local theatres, which we regularly take advantage of.

Performance nights

Some of the best shows are those that we get to be a part of, such as the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience (we got to eat the meal eventually) or a murder mystery evening. These nights can be great fun!

Outdoor theatre

Performances in the park on a Summer's day are a spectacle to behold, watching Shakespeare while enjoying picnic style food with new friends. Every single member who has attended outdoor theatre has given us excellent feedback.

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Upcoming Events

Shrek at The Palace Theatre

23/01/2018 , 6:45pm
Meeting outside The Palace Theatre, 97 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FT.
A trip to the theatre is the perfect environment to chat to some great new like-minded people.

Greg Davies at The Opera House

23/01/2018 , 7:55pm
Meeting outside The Opera House, 3 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3HP.
Following the phenomenal success of his sold out 2017 tour.

Think Floyd at The Opera House

25/01/2018 , 7:15pm
Meeting outside The Opera House, 3 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3HP.
This extraordinary band, dubbed the Definitive Pink Floyd Experience, are renowned for their stunning celebration of the music of one of the world's greatest bands.

The Adele Songbook

26/01/2018 , 7:15pm
Meeting outside The Opera House, 3 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3HP.
The Adele Songbook is an immaculate celebration of one of our generation’s finest singer-songwriters.

The Book of Darkness and Light

26/01/2018 , 7:15pm
Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside, Sale, M33 7ZF.
Three chilling tales. Two ghostly performers. One thrilling night.


27/01/2018 , 7:15pm
Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside, Sale, M33 7ZF.
1,862,364 people signed a petition against Donald J. Trump making a state visit to the UK, so hes doing a show at Waterside instead.

Michael Portillo

28/01/2018 , 2:45pm
The Dancehouse, 10A Oxford Rd, Manchester, M1 5QA.
Listen to his extraordinary story, told with a light almost stand up touch, and then feel free to question him about it.

Katya Zamaolodchikova

31/01/2018 , 7:45pm
Meeting outside The Palace Theatre, 97 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FT.
Katya Zamolodchikova brings her hilarious new stand up show, Help Me I'm Dying to the UK for the first time.