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If you enjoy sitting back and enjoying a few good laughs with some great company, you're in for a treat. We regularly visit some of Manchester's finest comedy venues; most notably the Comedy Store and The Frog and Bucket, both featuring some fresh new talent and regular comedians touring the circuit. A number of well-known comedians have played at Manchester comedy venues and a some even started out here. Both of the aforementioned venues also serve up some fantastic pizza so you can be sure that you're in for a great time at a Social Circle comedy night.

social circle testimonial from Rob

Good Comedy Night

I love a good comedy night and Social Circle always seems to pick the best venues. The Frog and Bucket never fails to be a great laugh but the smaller venues like Didsbury Cricket Club always put on a good show, too, and tend to be more intimate. It's certainly a great way to break the ice when meeting new people.

social circle testimonial from Angela

Up For A Laugh

I absolutely love comedy nights but most of my Manchester friends seem to enjoy drinking and nothing more, and a comedy night isn't really something that you can go to on your own. But once I started to go to Social Circle events and realised that they were also up for a laugh, I knew they would be great company on a comedy night. I wasn't wrong!

social circle testimonial from Deborah

Happy Laughing Along

I love the amateur competition at The Frog and Bucket on Monday nights. It's cruel but fun, and as long as I'm sat nowhere near the front, I'm happy laughing along. There are some other fantastic comedy nights on, too, though. I always have a great time whomever else is at the event as everybody is there to enjoy themselves.


Types Of Event

Beat The Frog

The Frog and Bucket's always-popular amateur competition featuring a number of wannabe comedians with up to five minutes each to impress the crowd. Three members of the audience are given a fake frog to hold up if they're less than impressed.

Big Value Comedy

Big Value Thursdays at Frog and Bucket is their flagship show and features one of their talented comperes, along with three first rate comedians. There is also an after show disco, which doesn't stop until 2am.

New Stuff

The Comedy Store always attracts fine comedy talent, whether it's a premium night or a showcase for new talent. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a head start on who is new on the comedy circuit before they feature on your TV set.

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Upcoming Events

Lettuce Laugh Comedy

21/09/2018 , 7.30pm
The Slug And Lettuce, 651 Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, M20 6OZ.
Come and laugh along with some new Manchester friends at this increasingly popular comedy night.

Thursday Night Live Comedy

27/09/2018 , 7.30pm
The Frog & Bucket, 102 Oldham Street, City Centre, M4 1LJ.
The best value comedy night in the country. 5 comedians from the national and international comedy circuit all absolutely FREE of charge!

Chorlton Comedy Club

28/09/2018 , 7:15pm
The Bowling Green, Chorlton Green, Brookburn Road, Manchester M21 9ES
Come and laugh along with some new Manchester friends at Chorlton's increasingly popular comedy night.

Didsbury Comedy Club

07/10/2018 , 7:15pm
Didsbury Cricket Club, Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, M20 2ZY.
Come and laugh along with some new Manchester friends at Didsbury's increasingly popular comedy night.

Big Value Comedy

25/10/2018 , 7.30pm
The Frog & Bucket, 102 Oldham Street, City Centre, M4 1LJ.
In need of a good laugh? Come join us at Manchesters Premier Comedy club. Three top class comics, one of the fantastic Frog comperes and aftershow disco with one of their residents and all absolutely FREE of charge!