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I used to be a member of a gym I was paying an absolute fortune for but after joining Social Circle I realised I could attend fitness classes three times a week and it didn't cost me a penny more. A great perk of membership in addition to all of the fantastic social events.

State of Mind Presents Meditation Monthly

Meditation makes you HAPPY!!
5th December 2017 7pm 
Carlton Club, Rowan Lodge, 113 Carlton Rd, Manchester M16 8BE.  venue link 
FREE [save £7.00] 
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Meditation does not require you to sit crossed legged on the floor, chairs will be provided. It does not require you to leave home and find rest in The Himalayas, The Carlton Club is booked, It does not require you to wear hemp and say Namaste to everyone, but you can if you like..... Meditation is the retreat for the mind. A return to the Self and retreat from the external.

Our senses are bombarded on a daily basis, when was the last time you were mindful of how you were breathing? When were you last lost in the flow of just being? day dreaming....There are no magic tricks, no expectations, by making the decision to come along will be a start and even 5 minutes of meditation a day is a step in the right direction. As Yoda said, "Do or do not, there is no try". You can't get it wrong or do it badly. It's a return to a more peace filled way of living.....

There is a science to it (for the geeks in the house) cognition is heightened, memory is enhanced as the middle cortex of the brain regenerates itself, sleep patterns can be restored and creativity heightened, the parasympathetic nervous system is triggered whereby heart rate can be reduced along with helping to alleviate stress. 

Meditation makes you HAPPY!!

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